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Custom Hand Knit Cable Stitch


Our family started Elite Knitting to give our clients an opportunity to commission knitwear that will be their own, that they will love. Perfect designer piece that you fell in love by looking through website or magazine but is no longer available in store or doesn't come in particular sizes (we are all different and cannot expect that one size will fit all body types). An ideal design that you want to create and only have an idea of what it could look in luxury cashmere or light silk. A beautiful garment that you already have and love and want to replicate in different color or material. A family heirloom that's been there for generations and needs to be refreshed or replicated to be passed for generations to come. Something that you found in your storage mage by your great rand mother and forgotten for some time or some beautiful vintage design that you found at the market and want to make you next family heirloom. We can make it all.


Our amazing team consists of highly skilled knitters with professional experience ranging from 20 to 30 years with various kinds of knitting. They have been working as sample makers for fashion houses and their knitwear has often been featured in runaway shows. We are more than prepared to assist you in selecting your style and bring your ideas into reality.

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